For each of the analytic & insight project types listed below, please select all for which you have experience:

Multi-touch attribution or multi-channel attribution
Behavioral economics / Behavioral sciences
BI (Business Intelligence)
BPI (Business Process Improvement)
Brand health / Brand equity measurement
Category Management
Cluster Analysis
Concept testing
Consumer journey analysis
Consumer panel (e.g. Nielsen, IRI, Kantar, InfoScout)
Consumer personal / profile development
Copy testing
Customer Experience (Digital)
Customer Experience Analysis
Customer satisfaction
Digital analytics (social media)
Focus groups
General statistical knowledge
In-depth interviews
In-home observation & interview
In-store observation & interview
Innovation screening, testing, and forecasting
Loyalty analytics
Market Structure
Marketing Mix
Marketplace trends
Modeling / predictive modeling
Multicultural research / analysis
Multi-national / International projects
Non-verbal and Non-cognitive methods - e.g. biometric, neurologic, neuro-linguistic, implicit association
Online research
Packaging testing
Path-to-Purchase analysis
Perceptual mapping
Pricing & Promotion analytics
Product testing
Qualitative study design
Quantitative study design
Regression modeling
Retailer data analytics
Sales analytics
Scorecard development
Segmentation - Consumer or Market
Shopper marketing research
SKU Rationalization / Assortment
Supply Chain / Product Supply
Survey development / writing
Syndicated data (e.g. Nielsen, IRI)
Test design / Experimental design
Usability testing
Usage and Attitude studies
User Experience
Virtual Testing
Volume forecasting
Worked at IRI
Worked at Nielsen

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